Jing Zhai Jiao Tile Paved Salt Fields 井仔腳瓦盤鹽田

The salt fields you will find in the northern part of Tainan, in the Beimen District. At the site you can learn about the technique of the former sea salt mining and take pictures of yourself "at work". There are no special activities for children, but just seeing the salt fields and their size is interesting. The local shop sells countless products containing salt. Admission and parking are free.

Salt Fields Salt Fields Salt Fields

Charming Anping Tree House 安平樹屋

An imaginatively used building built at the end of the 19th century for the salt trade, which has been swallowed up by a banyan fig tree in recent decades. Footbridges run through the building and the treetops, offering countless nice views. Not far from Anping Old Street. Admission is common for Tait & Co. Merchant House, where there is a nice historical exhibition.

Anping Tree House Anping Tree House Anping Tree House

Chihkan Tower or Fort Provintia 赤崁樓

It's not very likely that you won't visit this important landmark of Tainan, but we'll list it anyway. Originally a 400-year-old structure built by the Dutch and restored in the 19th century, it's located in the West Central District. There's a small park next to the monument that is sometimes used for concerts; there's an admission fee. Almost directly across from the main entrance, be sure to buy the famous peanut brittle, a frequent souvenir from Tainan. You can tell by the long queue and sometimes parked buses.

Chihkan Tower in Tainan Chihkan Tower in Tainan Chihkan Tower in Tainan

Anping Old Fort 安平古堡

The historic military and commercial centre of Taiwan is located in today's Anping District in Tainan. The current form of the fort is just a replica of the ancient buildings. The oldest monument you'll see here is the tens of metres long defensive wall - but frankly, it's not that interesting. You won't regret your visit, however, partly because of the nicely restored fortress, including exposed military cannons, and also because of its proximity to the lively Anping Old Street and its surroundings full of romantic nooks and crannies. For more information, search under these names - Anping Fort, Anping Old Fort, Fort Zeelandia, King's Fort, Taiwan Fort. There is an entrance fee.

Anping Old Fort Anping Old Fort Anping Old Fort

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