Orchid Island - Lanyu 蘭嶼

Orchid Island is an interesting place with beautiful nature that is so different from the "main" island. Especially in the rhythm of life. Visitors usually use the ferry from the Fugang Fishing Harbour with a stop at Green Island or the flight to get to Orchid Island. If you opt for the first option, you have to take into account that even in relatively nice weather the boat rocks a lot indeed and you'd better pack anti-nausea pills in your luggage. You can rent a scooter or a car as soon as you arrive at the port. However, the vehicles are not in very good condition and we even had a car without a registration plate. We managed to rent it despite forgetting our driving license!, price 2.500,- TWD/day.

The whole island can be comfortably driven around by car in 40 minutes, so accommodation in any part of the island is easy to reach. When planning your schedule, expect that it will be a bit difficult to find an open restaurant after 8 p.m. During high season, it may be better. Speaking of food - a restaurant you should not miss, especially if you are a cat lover is Mermaid and cats. Another place you should definitely not miss to visit is swimming place in the narrow rock hole (see link below). If you plan your visit for the flying fish season (starts in March), you will have the opportunity to arrange a hunt together with the Tao people and watch them in their legendary hunt. The small local museum will offer more about the life of the indigenous people.

However, your main activity will probably be diving and snorkelling, equipment and guides can be found locally. We spent 3 days on the island and found it sufficient, although we certainly didn't see everything the island has to offer. There is a 7/11 branch on the island.

Swimming in Orchid Island

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