Nanzhuang Township and Museum of Saisiyat Folklore

If you haven't heard of Nanzhuang before, you'll be pleasantly surprised by the many picturesque corners and the overall atmosphere of the village. The main attraction is undoubtedly the old post office selling souvenirs and certainly the alley where women used to wash clothes together. If you have time to spare don't hesitate to visit the Saisiyat Indigenous Museum in the nearby mountains - it will only cost you a 30-minute drive. We don't think you'll regret it. There are plenty of great views along the way, and you can get a jar of honey nearby the museum. A large car park is located in Nanzhuang right by the river. In the low season (our experience was in January), while there is nice accommodation available, it is a bit problematic to find an open restaurant in the evening.

Nanzhuang Township Nanzhuang Township Nanzhuang Township Nanzhuang Township

Old coal mine - Baba Tunnel (巴巴坑道休閒礦場)

The original coal mine, closed in the 1950s, is not directly on any popular tourist route, but it is a nice experience for children in particular. A walk in a part of the well-preserved underground tunnel is unique, and the interior of the local café is also pleasant and original. While having a coffee, children can feed the fish in the pond next to the tables with purchased food. There are DIY activities available, you can shovel black coal for a while, take a ride on a mini train etc. In addition to the aforementioned adit, you'll also see the preserved miners' bathroom and the administration building. However, we lacked more information about the history of the mine in English. The refreshments are a bit more expensive than usual. Entrance fee. There is ample parking right at the main entrance. You can find it on Google maps at 352, Miaoli County, Sanwan Township, 15-1.

Coal Mine Baba Tunnel Coal Mine Baba Tunnel Coal Mine Baba Tunnel Coal Mine Baba Tunnel

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