Lambai or Liuqiu Island 琉球嶼

Do you still miss seeing green sea turtles in the wild? Then hurray for Lambai Island. But before you go, get some water-based sunscreen. The ones commonly sold - even on Lambai Island - don't meet local conservation regulations. The island is easily accessible by ferry from Donggang Township. A large parking house is right by the boarding terminal. We highly recommend buying a return ticket directly for a specific time, avoiding the long queue and the uncertainty that the boat will no longer be available at your preferred time.

There is no car rental on Lambai Island, so if renting a scooter is not suits to you, try to arrange a car rental with your accommodation provider. We rented the accomodation provider´s car for the duration of our stay (without a written contract, which could be problematic in the case of an accident).

To see the turtles, you can pay for a ride on a special boat that has windows under the sea. But why pay for something you can arrange yourself a few metres further away? On the beach to the east of the harbour, we encountered many turtles on our first attempt at snorkelling. Swimming is also nice at Secret Beach, which is really beautiful, but also often crowded due to its size. The advantage is that they rent snorkeling equipment here. A beautiful sandy beach - Venice Beach - can be found on the west side of the island. When you've had enough swimming, feel free to take the scenic route at Black Dwarf Cave or look out from Liuchiou Yu Lighthouse. You probably can't miss the Vase Rock rock formation either, although the most interesting thing to see here is definitely the dozens of people with floating rings in organized groups, weaving back and forth around Vase Rock and competing for the most selfies. Barbecue restaurants are a popular type of dining on the island.

Vase Rock Secret Beach boat trip

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