Swimming in Dawulun Beach (大武崙白沙灘)

Nice small beach falling located in Anle District. Thanks to the pier protecting the harbour, there are no giant waves even in stronger winds, the access to the sea is gradual, but there is soon enough depth for swimming. You can rent a paddleboard (500TWD for 3 hours). Although the locals try to clean the beach regularly, due to its location it is often littered with rubbish. There are several restaurants and public toilets right next to the beach. Especially in the afternoon you will have trouble parking, but the beach is accessible by public transport from Keelung.

Dawulun Beach, Google Maps

Dawulun_Beach Dawulun_Beach Dawulun_Beach

National Museum of Marine Science and Technology

The museum's permanent exhibition is spread over several floors and is sufficiently interactive for children of all ages. There is a restaurant in the building.

Website of the museum

Boat trip to Keelung Islet

You can pay for a several-hour boat trip to Keelung Islet from Bisha Fishing Port, and take a steep climb to the lighthouse at the top of the island. However, a guide from the ship will probably accompany you all the time and force you to go in a group. You can resist it and stay calm in the lower part of the island, where there is a scenic route. The island is very, very windy and you can not buy any snacks, including water. But the trip is definitely worth it. The capacity of visitors to the island is limited to 1200 per day.

Keelung Islet Keelung Islet

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