Hinoki Village built during Japanese colonial period 檜意森活村

Absolutely unmissable - if you visit Chiayi - Hinoki Village consists of 28 Japanese-style wooden houses that were originally the headquarters of the Chiayi Forest Division. Today the place has been transformed into a centre for relaxation, culture, refreshments and strolling. It probably goes without saying that you'd better plan your visit outside of the weekend or at least before lunch. A little disappointing is The Insect Museum, which rather offers a plethora of plastic toys.What I recommend never to miss, on the other hand, is the cafe with its fantastic fruit pancakes - all, as it were, Japanese style. You'll have no trouble finding Hinoki Village in the Eastern District.

Little pond in Hinoki Village Caffee in Hinoki Village Waffle with ice cream

Fenqihu in the shadow of the Alishan National Park 奮起湖風景區

You're heading to Alishan and find it packed to bursting and the police are no longer letting vehicles near the centre of the park and directing you miles away? Or do you already know Alishan Park intimately? Then Fenqihu settlement is the obvious choice (plus there is a train stop from Chiayi). The town has the requisite Old Street with a lively atmosphere, loads of local food and souvenirs. Check out the small exhibit at the station and then head out on one of the nearby trails, where you'll enjoy the beautiful coniferous forests and, if you're lucky, won't be besieged by hikers. It is not a problem to choose a trail suitable for small children.

Fenqihu settlement Fenqihu settlement Fenqihu settlement Fenqihu settlement

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